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When I went to seminary in the late 1990s I was most interested in developing my own right doctrine. Lutheran seminary was a great place for that. I learned church history, ancient languages, philosophy, theology, and practical ministry to help me construct my orthodoxy. An exercise of the mind.


For the last eight years, at my current church, much of my pastoral and preaching was focused on discerning right principles for living, encouraging effective Christian practice, and acting in harmony with God’s will. Perhaps this goes along with the more professional nature of my congregants. We are all pretty good at getting things done. I really wanted to be a more effective person in the world, and explore how faith could be an untapped resource in that. An exercise of the will.


Something is shifting now. I’m now being called to explore right being. What does it mean to live and be in the presence of God, how do I come to a better awareness of my imago dei. How does one see as the mystics see, and connect with the ground of being. This is a journey of the soul.


From the Greek εἰμί, I exist, I am.

This is a quest for right being … right existing …

What a fascinating journey this quest for being is becoming.


No Expectations

No Expecations

Try to live a moment with no expectations.

No desires for the next moment.

No goals for the future …

Creating goals for the future is an illusion anyway. You can’t control the future, no matter how hard you desire it, will it, or work for it.

Live the next moment by not seeing thing how you want to see them. In fact, don’t even try to see things how they ‘really are’ because you will never really be able to do this. Your personal perspective, biases and filters won’t allow it.

Stop and enjoy the church community just where it is at the moment it is now.

See the community of faith just as it is.

Transcend all the disappointments, hurts and even victories of the past.

Put aside all the worries, dreams and expectations about the future.

Just sit in that moment of worship, study, conversation, fellowship, and just be in it. Recognize with joy the people around you that God has graciously injected into your life and situation at that exact moment.

Any worry you may have about the future is gone, because you are living without expectations of the next moment.

“Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?” — Matthew 6:27